Is there a text function in the Photo RAW 2017?

Unfortunately there is no text function in the new Photo RAW 2017. If you are adding text to your image, you will need to do so in another application or create a PSD or TIFF file with the text. Once you have this file, you will be able to add it to your image in the Layers module or apply it as a watermark on export. For more information on how to use the Export feature to add a watermark to your image, please click here.

The ability to add text to your image is a popular feature request that we may add to future versions of our program. Unfortunately this feature is not scheduled to be added to the Photo RAW 2017.

However, we appreciate your feedback and encourage all customers to report feature request and feedback to our Photo RAW Project Page


We will be reviewing all suggestions and including some of these feature requests in future updates to Photo RAW.  For the most up to date information on the current build and upcoming features, please visit our ON1 Release Notes page. 



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