How to Use the Lightroom Migration Tool - ON1 Photo RAW 2017/2018

We recommend watching the above video tutorial before getting started with the new Lightroom Migration Tool inside the Photo RAW 2017.7.

Please note, the Lightroom Migration Tool is a new feature that was added to the program in the 2017.5 update. If you have not done so already, you will be able to download and install the latest version from our release notes page here.

If you are using the Lightroom migration tool in ON1 Photo Raw 2019, please click here



How to use the Lightroom Migration Tool in ON1 Photo Raw 2017/2018: 


1. The Lightroom Migration Tool is meant to be used as a "one time" assistant for migrating your Lightroom catalog to the Photo RAW 2017.7

Using this tool will migrate your entire Lightroom Catalog to include all of the metadata changes and edits to the Photo RAW 2017.7 so you can use the Photo RAW 2017.7 as your primary photo organizer and editor. You may receive a "Plugin in use" message if editing photos in Photo Raw when the migration is running. Click "Ok" and the migration will proceed as expected. After migrating your Lightroom Catalog, you will no longer need to continue editing in Lightroom. 

2. The "Create Copies with Lightroom Adjustments" Checkbox will only create copies of images that have edits stored. 


The checkbox in the screenshot above will only create a copy of the images on your HD if the image has been edited in Develop in your Lightroom Catalog prior to migrating your catalog to the Photo RAW. If a copy is created during migration, the copy will be made next to the original image on your HD. Images that do not have any edits will be migrated to the Photo RAW without a copy being created on your HD. Also, selecting this option can significantly increase the time required for the migration to complete. If you cancel the process from Lightroom you can run the migration again and it will resume from the point when you canceled.

If you have edited the metadata on the same photos from both Lightroom and Photo Raw the edits from Photo Raw will be overwritten with the Lightroom values by the migration tool.

3. The Lightroom Migration Tool is not used to sync edits between Lightroom and the Photo RAW 2017.7

The migration tool in the Photo RAW 2017.7 will migrate all edits and metadata changes in your Lightroom catalog up to that point. Any changes you make to your Lightroom catalog after migrating your Lightroom catalog via the migration tool will not appear in your migrated images inside the Photo RAW 2017.7. If you select the option to create copies of photos with Lightroom adjustments the copies are not automatically added to your Lightroom catalog. After completing the migration, you may import the copies from Lightroom if desired.

4. Smart Collections in Lightroom will not be migrated. 

When migrating Lightroom collections to albums in Photo Raw there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, Smart Collections in Lightroom will not be migrated. Second, if an album with the same name already exists in Photo Raw then the migrated album will have a number appended to the name to distinguish it. Collections within Collection Sets in Lightroom migrated as 'top level' individual albums in Photo Raw.

Your photos, settings, and collections within Lightroom are not altered by the migration tool.

5. The Lightroom Migration Tool may take some time to complete.

The time needed to migrate your Lightroom catalog to the Photo RAW 2017.7 depends on how many images in your Lightroom Catalog. The new Migration Tool in the Photo RAW 2017.7 prompts Lightroom to export each individual image (this may take hours if you have a large catalog). The more images you have in your catalog, the longer it will take to complete the migration.  


For more information on how to use the new features of the Photo Raw 2017.7, we recommend checking out our Training Videos page or downloading a copy of the Photo Raw 2017.7 User Guide here




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