How to use Lens Correction - ON1 Photo RAW 2017.7

We have added Lens Correction to the new Photo Raw 2017 following the 2017.5 update. We recommend watching the short video tutorial above before getting started with this new feature. Step by step instructions on how to use the new Lens Correction Pane in the Develop Module are visible by scrolling down on this page.

Please note, the Lens Correction feature is a new feature added to the Photo RAW 2017.5 update. If you have not already updated to the latest version, you will be able to download and install the most current version of the Photo Raw 2017 here

For a complete list of supported Lens Profiles, please click here

How to use the Lens Correction Pane 

To get started with the new Lens Correction feature, please open an image in the Develop module and expand the "Lens Correction" pane on the right. If you are not seeing this on the right, please scroll down until the "Lens Correction" Pane is visible:


By default, the lens correction will be enabled. The Photo Raw 2017 will automatically detect the lens used and apply lens correction automatically. In this example, this image was shot with the Canon 24-105mm f/4L. In the screenshot below, you will be able to toggle the Lens Correction on/off by checking or unchecking the Lens Correction adjustment on the right. Here is a screenshot of the default Lens Correction disabled:


To enable Lens Correction, simply check the Lens Correction box shown below:


Enabling the Lens Correction on the right side of the Develop module will apply the default lens correction profile based on the lens used at the time of capture. However, the Lens Correction Pane will only be enabled if you are opening a raw file. If you are opening a JPEG image in Develop, the lens information will be present in the file but the Lens Correction will not be enabled.

**IMPORTANT NOTE for fixed lens cameras**

Cameras that have a fixed lens will not appear within the Lens drop down menu, however, the camera you are using will appear under the Make Dropdown Menu. When shooting with a fixed lens camera, nothing will appear in the Lens drop down menu. This is normal behavior. 

You will be able to make further adjustments if needed. If the wrong lens is showing in the Lens Correction Pane on the right, you will be able to manually select the correct make and model via the drop down menus within the Lens Correction Pane:


To change the lens profile, simply click to expand the "Lens" Dropdown Menu and choose the correct one:



Please note, the lens within the "Lens" Dropdown menu shown in the screenshot above will only list the Canon lenses because the "Make" Dropdown Menu is set to Canon. If the image does not have a lens make and model already applied, please make sure you choose the correct model from the "Make" Drop down Menu prior to choosing a specific lens. 



In this example, the Photo Raw 2017 has detected and automatically applied the correct lens make and model in both drop down menus. Changing these drop down menus is not necessary. However, if you would like to make further adjustments to the lens correction that has been applied to this image automatically, please click to expand the "Manual" controls shown below:


With the Manual Controls Expanded, you will be able to adjust the level of distortion to your liking. Here is an  extreme example of how the distortion slider works by dragging this slider to the left:


In many cases, the manual adjustments under the Lens Corrections Pane will not be needed especially if the correct lens make and model has been properly determined for your image. However, if you wish to make further adjustments we recommend using these sliders in smaller amounts to avoid unwanted distortion caused by too much lens correction as shown in the screenshot above. To restore the lens correction settings to the default, simply click the "reset" option within the Lens Correction Pane. This will reset the changes made within the Lens Correction Pane only:



The "Reset" option shown in the above screenshot will only reset the changes made within the Lens Correction Pane. This will not reset the other adjustments made within Develop or other modules of the program. 

How to save/delete a Lens Profile 

If you are changing the lens correction profile slightly, you will be able to save these changes as a new profile for later use. Saving a new lens profile is only needed if you have made manual adjustments within the Lens Correction Pane. When you are ready to save your adjustments as a new style, simply click to expand the Style Drop down Menu > Save New Style:


A dialog box will appear asking you to create a name for the new style. Since this example was show with a 24-105mm Lens, we will name it "24-105 Test Style":


Click Save. After saving the test style, you will be able to toggle between the Default style or other saved lens styles by expanding the Style Drop Down Menu within the Lens Correction Pane. All styles will appear at the top of this drop down menu. This is shown below:


To Delete a style you have previously saved, simply expand the "Style" drop down menu and close "Delete a Style":


A dialog box will appear asking to select a style to delete. The screenshot below shows the "24-105 Test Style" that was recently created. Simply click Delete to delete this style:


Still having trouble? 

For more information on how to use the new features of the Photo Raw 2017.5, please visit our Training Page or download the Photo Raw 2017 User Guide here





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