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We have added a new Advanced Search feature to the Photo Raw 2017 in the 2017.5 update. We recommend watching the short video tutorial on how to use this new feature. Step by step instructions on how to use the Advance Search options are visible by scrolling down on this page. 

Please note, the Advance Search feature in Browse is a new feature that was added in the Photo Raw 2017.5 update. If you have not already updated to the most current version, you will be able to download and install the Photo Raw 2017.5 here

How to use the Advance Search in Browse - Photo RAW 2017.5

To get started, open the Browse module of the Photo Raw 2017.5 and make sure the Browse mini browser on the right is selected:


To enable search Filters, simply check the box next to "Filters" on the right side of the program window:


This will enable the search Filters pane. You will be able to use the search field to search for keywords or filter by ratings as you normally would in Browse when the Filters Pane is enabled. To enable to Advance Search options, simply click to expand the Advanced Search options shown below:


After expanding the "Advanced" options, you will be able to set the parameters for the Advanced Search feature. Please note, the Filters Pane will only search within the folder that is selected and appearing within the Browse preview window. This is how the current and previous versions of Browse have always functioned. In the screenshot below, we are searching within one folder:


If you would like to use the Filters Pane or Advanced Search options to search across multiple folders or subfolders, you will need to check the "Search Indexed Folders" box shown in the screenshot below. Checking this box will enable the parameters set within the Filters Pane to search within all folders added to your Indexed Folders in Browse. This is the only way to search within multiple subfolders. 



How to set Advance Search Parameters

Next, we will need to set the parameters for the Advance Search. In this example, we want to search across multiple subfolders so we need to make sure the "Search Indexed Folders" option is checked (shown above). 

After enabling the "Advanced" search options, you will see two drop down menus. One will say "Match All Criteria" and the other "Everything". These are the options for the Advanced search parameters:


First, we will want to set the criteria drop down menu. This will determine what images are displayed within the Browse preview window after adding Advanced search parameters. The "Match All Criteria" option will only display images that meet all of the criteria set within the Advanced Search Parameters.

The "Match Any Criteria" will display all the images the meet any criteria (keywords, camera info, lens etc.) within the Browse preview window. 

Now we will need to add the parameters for the Advanced Search. To add your first parameter, simply click to expand the drop down menu to choose a parameter. In the screenshot below, I want to search based on a keyword:


You will be able to choose any of the advanced search parameters within this Drop down menu. After choosing "Keyword" we will be able to choose the specific keyword that we want to search for within the dropdown menu next to "Keyword". This drop down menu will show all of the keywords you have added to your images. In this example, we want to find all of the images with the "snow" keyword:


Now lets add a second search parameter by clicking on the "Add" button within the Filters Pane:


Repeat this process until you have added all of the Advanced Search Parameters that you want. In the screenshot below I have added multiple keyword search parameters:


However, you may notice that the Browse preview window is not displaying any images. This is because our Advance Search Settings are set to "Match All Criteria". In order for an image to populate in the Browse preview window with the parameters set in the above screenshot, the image will need to have all of the keywords attached to the single image. Since I do not have an image that has all "snow" "flower" "sunset" and "mustache" keywords assigned to it, no images are displayed. 

We will need to change the criteria to "Match Any Criteria". This will populate the Browse preview window with images that include any of these keywords (or other parameters) added to the Advanced Search Parameters Filters Pane. The screen shot below shows this change:


Now the Browse preview window displays all of the images that include any of the keywords added to the Advanced Search Parameters on the right. To remove one of the parameters you have previously added, simply click on the - button next to the parameter:


Removing a search parameter will update the images displayed in the Browse Preview Window. In the screen shot below, the images with the "snow" keyword have been removed:


The examples covered in these steps are a basic way of using the Advanced Search feature for multiple keywords. However, you will be able to add more parameters or different parameters within the Advanced Search options. For example, this feature allows you to search for images shot with a specific lens, camera, iso, focal length, aperture, file type and many more. These options will appear when adding and selecting your search parameters:


You will be able to reset the Advanced Search Parameters by clicking the "Reset" button:


Clicking "Reset" shown above will clear all of the search parameters that you have added. 

For more information on how to use the new features of the Photo Raw 2017.5, we recommend visiting our Training Page or downloading a copy of the Photo Raw 2017 user guide here. Please also check out the ON1 Blog for the latest news and tips and tricks from our photography partners. 




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