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We often get asked the question “Why do you no longer offer live phone support?”

Our support staff is a small team of software experts and photography enthusiasts based at our company headquarters in Portland Oregon. The support agent responding to your request works alongside the men and women on our Development, Marketing and Sales teams. We believe we are able to provide you with a more efficient and better overall support experience by handling all support here at our company headquarters as opposed to outsourcing support by means of a call center. 

Through email communication, our support agents can quickly access and view your account, order history, operating system and other important information needed to provide our customers with timely and accurate response. For Technical Support related problems, receiving this information in each new support ticket received is critical to identifying and resolving the problem as soon as possible. Furthermore, by using our online support system, we are able to keep a detailed record of each case. This eliminates any confusion between the Support Agent and our customers so we can quickly respond or escalate the issue to a higher level of support if needed. We will always have access to previous support tickets and replies, so you won't have to repeat questions or information on your system and workflow. Our goal is to answer all of your questions and resolve all technical issues as quickly as possible. On most all occasions we will respond to each support request within 24 business hours. 



This phone number is no longer affiliated with ON1. The toll-free number now belongs to a different organization. Please do not use this number in an attempt to contact us. 

The team at ON1 is committed to providing our customers with the necessary resources and answers to common problems on our Knowledge Base. We update and add new Knowledge Base articles regularly and encourage customers experiencing technical issues to visit the "Hot Topics" section or using the search field for the fastest solution. If you are unable to find an answer or solution on our Knowledge Base, please submit a request online via email on our support page. To submit a request to our Customer Service or Technical Support, please use the contact form found here







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