Text appearing small or large in Photo RAW - High resolution displays (Windows Only)

We have added support for high-resolution displays on both Mac and Windows in the new Photo RAW. However, the Windows OS has global display settings that will determine how large or small text and icons appear on your machine. The display settings shown in the screen captures below help illustrate this issue. 

Please go to Settings > System > Display

You will be able to change the size of the text on your machine with the slider shown above. We recommend leaving the slider at the recommended setting. 

If your display settings are at a higher percentage than the recommended settings, text and size of the tools may appear like this:

Here is an example of the Photo RAW program at a 125% Display setting on the same machine:

You will notice that the controls and text appear smaller within the Photo RAW program and all other programs on your machine after lowering the display scaling to 125%. 

For more information on the recommended font display settings on the Windows OS, please click here





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