"OpenGL 3.3 and later is required" - ON1 Photo RAW (Windows Only)

If you are receiving the "OpenGL 3.3 and later is required for this application to run" error message when launching or installing Photo RAW, please make sure your machine meets the minimum requirements listed here.  

If you are not sure whether or not your GPU supports Open GL 3.3 or above, please make sure you visit the manufacturers website. If your model does support Open GL 3.3 and above, updating your graphics driver will fix this error message. If this is the case, we recommend updating your GPU driver directly from the manufacturers website:

Automatically update AMD Graphics Drivers

Automatically update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers

Please note, most machines with a dedicated GPU from AMD or NVIDIA support Open GL 3.3 and above as long as this GPU was released within the last 4-5 years. If the machine to GPU is 5 or more years old, there is a possibility your GPU does not support Open GL 3.3. In this case you will need to check the specifications for your GPU model on the manufacturers website. 



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