How to Level Your Images in ON1 Photo RAW 2017

How do I level an image?

To level or straighten an image, you can use the Leveling Tool, which is found in the Tool Options bar when the Crop Tool is active. Click on it, and drag the tool across an element in your image that should be level.

You can use the Crop Tool and Leveling Tool inside of Develop, Effects, Layers*, and Resize*.

*Please Note: When used inside Layers or Resize, the Crop tool is destructive.




To access the leveling tool, first, select the Crop tool, then perform the following:

  • Select the Leveling Tool from the Crop Tool Options Bar. Your cursor will change to the Leveling Tool.

  • Click and drag a line across your image that should be level, either horizontally or vertically.

  • When you release the mouse the image will be rotated automatically to the correct angle.



Please NoteThe Crop tool is not available when using a Smart Photo or when using ON1 Photo RAW 2017 as a plug-in.


Need more information on using the Crop Tool? Please take a look at this video:
Using the Crop Tool for Cropping and Leveling

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