ON1 Photo RAW 2017/2018 - How to save, install, backup and manage presets

Presets in ON1 Photo RAW 2017 work a bit differently then they did in the past. They are now stored in a database rather than files and folders on disk. You can no longer manage presets by moving and renaming them on disk, you need to use the preset management features built-in to the application.


Saving a Preset

Once you have a group of edited settings that you wish to save, go to the Settings menu and select Save Preset:

The New Preset dialog will appear, with options for which module’s settings you wish to save, naming the preset, and adding it to an existing or new category. The screen shot below shows the Test Preset in a new category named "My Test Category":



If you’ve applied a preset to an image, and update any of the edit settings (or add or remove adjustments), you can update the preset with the new settings by choosing Update Preset with Current Settings from the Settings menu. This will only change the preset in your app; any images that had the old version of the preset will keep those settings unless you reapply the preset.


You will be able to save settings for a particular photo as mentioned in the steps above. However, if this image has settings in both Effects and Develop, you will still see settings on your image in the preview image when disabling all of the settings or filters within the filter options menu on the right. Toggling the Preview button in the lower left hand corner of the program window is the only way to reveal the original image when working with a preset or settings that contains information from both Develop and Effects. For more information on how presets and settings behave in the Photo RAW 2017, please click here

Deleting a Preset

You can remove a preset if you no longer want it. To remove a preset, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on a preset
  2. From the contextual menu that appears, select Delete Preset

Deleting a Preset Category (NEW in 2017.5)

You will be able to remove an entire preset category in the Photo Raw 2017. This feature was added after the 2017.5 update. To remove a category, simply right click on the category and choose "Hide Category"


Hiding the category will remove this category from your preset view within all modules of the Photo Raw 2017. To restore your hidden preset categories, please go to Preferences > General > Restore Hidden Preset Categories


Renaming a Preset

To rename a preset, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on a preset
  2. From the contextual menu that appears, select Rename Preset

There current is no ability to delete or rename preset categories. This will be part of a free update in early 2017. If you want to move a preset to another category, select the preset, then select Save Preset and select a different category.


Installing & Sharing Presets

You can import presets you have downloaded from the ON1 website or other sources. Some files will be individual presets, while others might include more than one preset, and might be known as preset “packs.” 

  • Individual presets will have an ‘.ONP’ extension. To install individual presets, use the Import Preset option in the Settings menu. You can select multiple presets to import at once and you can select or create a category to import them into.
  • Preset packs will have an ‘.ONPreset’ extension. To install a preset pack, select it in the Finder (macOS) or Explorer (Windows) then right click and select Open with ON1 Photo RAW. You will also be able to drag and drop the '.ONpreset' file on the Photo RAW application. The preset pack will then be installed automatically.


If you can’t import a preset pack for some reason, you can manually unpack it and install the presets manually using these steps:

  1. Change the extension from .ONPreset to .zip
  2. Double-Click on the file to unpack it
  3. In the unpacked folder, you will find a folder named “Raw Presets”, open it
  4. Inside this folder are the .ONP individual preset files. Copy these files
  5. Navigate to your user preset folder listed below and paste them. Restart the app if it is open
    1. macOS (/Users/your user/Library/Application Support/ON1/ON1 Photo RAW 2017/Presets)
    2. Windows (\Users\your user\AppData\Roaming\ON1\ON1 Photo RAW 2017\Presets)


Exporting and backing up your Presets

To export a preset, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on a preset
  2. From the contextual menu that appears, select Export Preset


 Exporting a Preset Category (NEW in 2017.5)

You will now be able to export an entire preset category by right clicking on a preset category and choosing "Export Category".


You will be able to choose the output destination after clicking "Export Category". This will create a folder with the category name with the .ONpreset file inside. 









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