ON1 Resize 2017 - Upgrade FAQs

Q: Are there any differences between the Resize module in the Photo Raw 2017 and the individual version of Resize 2017? 

A: No. The individual version of Resize is the same as the Resize module included in the Photo Raw 2017. If you are an owner of Photo Raw 2017, there is no need to purchase the individual version of Resize 2017. 


Q: What is new in Resize 2017 from version 10.5? 

A: The latest version of Resize includes both the Browse module and Resize. Legacy versions of Resize (versions 10.5 and prior) did not include the Browser and batch processing capabilities. The full list of features are listed below:

Full ON1 Browse — Resize 2017 includes the full Browse module from ON1 Photo RAW 2017. It's a lightning-fast browser and organizer. Simply point it to any folder of photos and you can preview, sort, tag, and change metadata instantly!

Better Batch Processing — The Export feature in Resize 2017 makes it easy to process a single photo, a handful or hundreds of them. Not only can you control the size, but the file type, naming, location, etc. You can even apply gallery wrap or watermarks on the fly. It's perfect for batch processing small JPGs for your website or large files for print or stock.

New RAW Engine — Resize 2017 features the new RAW processing engine from ON1 Photo RAW. When you browse, preview and resize RAW photos this powerful engine is used. It's much faster and maintains better color and detail.

Compressed Photoshop Files — When saving out Adobe® Photoshop® PSD format files, they are compressed to half the size they used to be, losslessly.

Printing — You can print from right inside of Resize 2017. Control the paper size, margins and printer profiles for the ultimate print.

Open System — Access your photos no matter where they are stored: your computer, your network, or on cloud-based storage services.

Plug-in & Standalone — ON1 Resize 2017 works as both a plug-in for both Photoshop® and Lightroom® and as a standalone application.


Q: I own Photo Raw 2017, do I need to purchase Resize 2017 too?

A: No. The latest version of Resize is included in the Photo Raw 2017. There is no difference between the Resize module of the Photo Raw 2017 and the individual version of Resize 2017. The fractaling algorithm that is used to enlarge your image is identical in both programs. If you are an owner of the Photo Raw 2017 there is no need to purchase the individual version of Resize 2017. 


Q: Am I eligible for the upgrade price? 

A: If you are an owner of any previous version of our products, you are eligible for the upgrade to Resize 2017. For example, if you own a previous version of Perfect Effects, Genuine Fractals, Resize or the Perfect Photo Suite, you qualify for the upgrade price. The upgrade installer is a full installer and does not require any previous version of Resize (or any ON1 program) on your machine prior to installing the upgrade. 


Q: Will this run on my computer? Will I be able to run this is a plugin from Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom? 

A: Yes. Resize 2017 will install and run as a standalone application as well as a plugin to the host applications listed below. Here are the full system requirements: 



Q: Will this work with my raw files? Will it work with JPEG or TIFFs? 

A: Yes. For a full list of compatible file types and camera models in Resize 2017, please click here



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