Is there a ruler tool in ON1 Photo RAW?

Unfortunately we do not have ruler tool that appears on screen like Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing applications. However, there are several ways to check the size of an image within our apps or to set the diapered Document Size within the Resize module. We will go over these options below. First you will be able to see the size of a selected image within the Browse module's Info Pane:


If you are in the Layers, module you will be able to see the same info pane shown above and use the "Edit Canvas Size" feature to view the size of the current working canvas while working within the Layers module: 


Lastly, you will be able to view and change the document size of your image within the Resize module. Please note, the Resize module is meant to be used as the very last step before sending your image to the printer. This should occur after you are done with all of your post processing. The panel on the right size of the Resize module is where the original image size and desired size, resolution and sharpening etc... can be set. Opening and viewing the image in the Resize module (while making changes to the document size settings on the right) is the best workaround for those looking for a "Ruler tool" within the ON1 programs. 


**Important Note**

Please note, the Document Size pane is not editable when the crop tool is active. When the crop tool is selected and active you will not be able to make changes to the values and settings on the right side of the program until you finish the crop. If you find yourself unable to make any changes to the settings on the right side of the Resize module, simply click the hand tool on the left and you will be able to change the settings on the right. 


For more help on how to use the Resize module, please click here

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