How to update metadata and fix incorrect Capture Date - Photo RAW 2018

We have added a new feature to the Photo RAW 2018 based off of reports from some of our customers that have varying capture date or other metadata fields when viewing images in the Browse module of the Photo RAW. This issue is not a common occurrence when using the Browse module, but can occur on machines that have multiple photo editing applications that utilize and write information to the .xmp sidecar file. Each program has their own set of rules for reading and writing information to the .xmp and sometimes this can cause inconsistencies in the metadata, specifically with capture date and time.

If you notice any metadata inconsistencies or missing fields, you will be able to tell the Browse module to scan and update the metadata directly from the file by going to the Photo Tab > Read Metadata from Photo. 


Choosing this option will prompt the Browse module to read the EXIF metadata from the file on your HD and update both the .xmp and .ON1 sidecar files. This task will overwrite the existing information in the .xmp (if there are any inconsistencies) file and replace it with the metadata that exists in the original image. This will also update the metadata that is stored within the .ON1 sidecar file (if one exists for the image). After reading the metadata from the file, the metadata fields in Browse will show the correct metadata from the original image, but please note, you will only notice a change if what was being displayed in Browse was incorrect. The Read Metadata from Photo option is only needed if you suspect the metadata displayed in Browse for a particular image is incorrect. 

To clarify the information mentioned above, choosing the "Read Metadata from Photo" option will not overwrite or delete metadata that you have added for the image (like keywords, author, ratings etc.) that did not exist in the original file when it came from your camera. For example, if you have updated the keywords for an image within our application, but you notice the capture date is not the same as the capture date in the original file, after you click "Read Metadata from Photo" the original metadata will overwrite the incorrect metadata and all other additional metadata (keywords) will be maintained in both copies of the sidecar file. If an .on1 sidecar file exists for this image and contains non-destructive edits, all edits will be maintained. 

For more information on how to mange metadata within the Browse module of the Photo RAW. Please visit our training videos page and the Photo RAW 2018 User Guide in the link below:

Training videos on how to manage Metadata in Browse

ON1 Photo RAW User Guide



Still having trouble? 

If you are still having trouble with metadata for a specific image, please submit a technical support request on our contact page in the link below. Please make sure to include the following in your ticket:

1. Copy of the original image

2. Copy of BOTH corresponding .xmp and .on1 sidecar files (if both exist for the image)

3. Copy of the On1 Log File

To get to the ON1 Log, go to Help > Show ON1 Log 


The above information will assist us in resolving the problem as quickly as possible. To submit a problem to our Technical Support team, please click here



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