What are Cataloged Folders in ON1 Photo RAW?

We have added a Catalog Folders section of ON1 Photo RAW's Browse module. This feature is designed to improve your speed and performance while browsing thru your folders and drives that contain your images.

Adding your image folders to the Cataloged Folders section of ON1 Browse will generate both the thumbnail and full-sized previews for all of your images in these folders. After the program has finished the thumbnail generation for the images added to your Cataloged Folders section, you will no longer need to wait for the thumbnail or full-sized previews to generate of "snap" into focus when browsing in either thumbnail or detail views. This is extremely useful if you shoot in raw and have multiple folders containing many raw files. 

For more information on how to use and manage your Cataloged Folders in ON1 Browse, please click here

For all other information on how the Cataloged Folders feature works, please refer to our User Guide



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