Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10 Compatibility

Perfect Photo Suite 9 and the Perfect Photo Suite 8.5 are compatible with Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.x.

There are 8.5.2. updates available for all version 8 products. This update includes compatibility for Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10.


Older legacy products will not be updated for compatibility with Yosemite. Apple introduced new security measures that will make older product incompatible.

This includes:

Suite 7.5 and Suite 7.5 Family individual products.

Suite 6.1 and Suite 6.1 Family Individual products.

Suite 5.5 and Suite 5.5. Individual products.

Plugin Suite 4

PhotoTools (all versions)

PhotoFrame (all versions)

Please consider upgrading to the latest version. 

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