How to Install ON1 Presets, Textures and Borders and where to find them

1.  Mac Users: RIGHT CLICK ON THE .ONPreset file > OPEN WITH > ON1 Photo RAW.

(note: you can also drag and drop the .ONPreset file onto the ON1 Photo RAW icon to install the presets)

Windows Users: Right click on the .zip file and choose Open With > Windows Explorer. This will unzip the file properly.

2.  In the containing folder there will be a ".ONPreset" file.  RIGHT CLICK ON THE .ONPreset file > OPEN WITH > ON1 Photo RAW.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 2.44.38 PM

3.  The ON1 stand alone application will launch automatically. A window will appear: "This will install the 'Preset Name' preset package. Do you want to continue?" Click Yes.

4.  Another window will appear:  The preset package "Preset Name" has installed "X" new files.  There were no errors.  Click Close.

5.  The Presets will appear inside of the respective module they are designed for, under the Preset menu located in the top left corner and available under the associated category name of the Preset pack.

Access Textures in Layers

1.  The Textures will appear under the Extras tab in the upper left corner under My Extras > Textures

Access Textures in Effects 

1.  Click the + icon and choose Texturizer 

2.  In the "Category" drop down you will find User textures at the bottom of the list

3.  In the "Texture" drop down you will find all the textures in the selected category


How to access Borders and Frames you have installed from the Layers module:

1. Open an image in the Layers module and click on "Extras" in the top left corner of the program and open "My Extras" folder.

2. Double click the "Borders" folder to open it. The Borders you have installed will appear within this folder. 


How to access Borders/Frames you have installed within the Effects module:

1. This process is the same as accessing texture files you have installed, except you will need to add the "Borders" Filter on the right side of the program instead of "Texturizer". Click the "Add Filter" button on the right side of the program:

2. After clicking "Add Filter", click on "Borders" as shown below:

3. In the Filter Options Pane for the Borders filter, you will find "My Borders" under the Category dropdown menu:

4. The "My Borders" (Borders you have installed) will appear at the bottom of the list when expanding the Category drop down menu. In this screenshot, "Brush Frames" are a frame pack that has been installed:

5. After selecting the category, you will be be able to browse and apply any border within this category from the Border drop down menu:

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