Ononecorefoundation.dll Is Missing From Your Computer- Error Message

This error can occur if there are older plugins lingering in your plugins folder of Photoshop caused by copying or moving contents within the Adobe Photoshop plugins folder across different versions. Please note, you will never need copy or migrate any plugin files for our programs manually. The installer will automatically install all necessary components for all compatible host applications on your machine. Moving files around int he plugins folder will only care further problems.  


To correct the error go to the Adobe Photoshop plugins folder and delete any old or lingering ON1 plugin files.

C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CSx\Plug-ins

Delete any older plugin files of ours that may still be lingering in the plugins folder or a subfolder in the plugins folder.

Another possibility for the error is if you have Photoshop using an additional Plugins folder. This is a preference set in your Photoshop Preferences>Plugins.

Uncheck the Use Additional Plugins folder, then quit and restart Photoshop. 


Still having trouble?

If you are still having trouble, we recommend a clean install of our applications to fix this error. A clean install has fixed this problem for all of our Windows users. Please make sure you have backed up your presets prior to running the uninstaller below. Once you ave backed up your presets, reboot your machine and run the uninstaller here

After you have removed the ON1 products from your machine, please download and install the latest version for the ON1 product you own from our Downloads for Owners page here







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