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What is a User Account?

A user account is a feature from ON1 which will allow you to be able to view your license numbers and product downloads for all of your purchased products and bonus items.

What are the benefits of a User Account

The main benefit of your User Account is that you will have the ability to re-download and view your license numbers for your purchased products and bonus items.  This will ensure that you can always restore your software and other items from us should your computer encounter issues or if you change computers.

I am an existing customer, why do I not have a User Account?

The User Account is a relatively new feature.  Don’t worry, we still have all of your license numbers and ordering information from your previous orders.  However, they will not be available for you to view until we merge all our existing customer data into our new database.  For now, you will want to create a new user account.

By creating a User Account, am I going to be automatically charged for upgrades?

Of course not!  We do not keep your credit card details on file, nor is there an automatic payment by creating an account.  Simply put, this User Account is for your benefit should you ever need to re-download your products, or find a license number for your product.

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