When do I use the Perfect Eraser vs. Retouch Brush vs. the Clone Stamp tool?

Perfect Photo Suite 9 offers several retouching tools. They all excel at different types of retouching. Here are some guidelines of when to use each.

  • Perfect Eraser: The Perfect Eraser is great for removing small to medium sized objects like power-lines, people, large dust spots and signs. It works similar the spot healing brush in Photoshop® set to the content-aware option.
  • Retouch Brush: The Retouch Brush is great for removing small objects like acne and small dust spots. It can have its opacity reduced and its feather increased making it especially useful for smoothing skin while maintaining a natural appearance. It works similar to the spot healing brush in Photoshop® set to proximity match.
  • Clone Stamp Option: The Retouch Brush also has an option called Use Clone Stamp, which turns the Retouch Brush into a classic Clone Stamp Brush. This is an older but highly reliable and effective tool. It requires you set an area to sample from, then you can clone over areas with ultimate control.
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