I receive an error "The license has already been used (-23)/(-115)"


Under the ON1, Inc. license agreement, the license allows for installation and activation on two computers (either Mac or Windows).

If you are receiving the -23 or -115 error, please complete the contact form and include your license number for our support team. We will be able to reset the license number to allow you to reactivate.

>> Contact Support <<

The Photo 10 family products can be activated on 2 computers (either Mac or Windows)

This error can occur due to the following reasons:

  • You have already used up all activations 
  • Major software updates to the operating system
  • Reformatting the hard drive
  • Software not deactivated from an old computer

However, you will be able to remove an activation from your license to free up a spot to activate on a new machine. To do this simply launch the program and go to Help > Deactivate. Full instructions on how to deactivate are available here


If you are unable to deactivate for whatever reason, please contact ON1 Support. Manually activating the product will not be possible if you receive the above error. Please be prepared to provide ALL of the following information.

  • License number
  • Registration details (First name, Last Name, Address, Phone number, Email Address)
  • Order number or Purchase Receipt
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