Why does the ON1 PHOTO RAW 2019.2 alert the Antivirus software?

All ON1 Software installers and installed files are scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials.  We also submit our products to Kaspersky, Symantec, Norton, AVG, etc. to be whitelisted.  Still, your antivirus software may detect certain files as harmful. This is a false positive error and can be avoided by turning off the antivirus software during installation of our products.

We feel strongly that if Microsoft feels the installers and subsequent installed files pose no threat then your system will be safe installing our products.  Like many other software manufacturers, we do recommend temporarily disabling third-party anti-virus products to avoid a false positive while installing the software.


January, 29, 2019.

We are aware that some users are reporting their Norton Antivirus Software is flagging the 2019.2 as malicious and alerting the user with the following message:

"Norton heuristic SONAR.Heuristic.170 error upon attempted installation of 2019.2 due to "suspicious behavior".

 This is a FALSE/Positive warning. And we are working with Symantec to correct this inaccurate warning.

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