What is auto publishing?

By default, PhotoVia is set to auto-publish your photos to the PhotoVia App and Google Drive. This means that whenever you have new photos to be published (because of an import, or an added collection, etc), PhotoVia will trigger the publishing in the background so you do not need to remember to do it.


You can turn auto-publish off in Lightroom by doubling clicking on the PhotoVia publish service in the lower left-hand corner of your Library module, and then un-checking “Automatically publish changes to PhotoVia.” 


You can then turn auto-publishing back on by re-checking this same box, or in Lightroom by going to File > Plug-In Extras > PhotoVia > and then selecting “Resume Auto-Publish.” 


If you cancel publishing while it is currently underway, PhotoVia will ask you how long you would like PhotoVia to stop auto-publishing for.







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