How does the PhotoVia App work with Lightroom?

The PhotoVia iOS App uses PhotoVia’s Lightroom Plug-in to monitor your Lightroom catalog. When you make a change in Lightroom, the PhotoVia Lightroom Plug-in will pick up the new changes and publish the changes to Google Drive and the PhotoVia iOS App. Whether you edit a photo in the Develop module or import new photos in the Library module, the PhotoVia Plug-in will take notice and sync any changes to Google Drive and the PhotoVia iOS App.


PhotoVia is a Publish Service


When you install the PhotoVia Lightroom Plug-in, PhotoVia will become a Publish Service in your Lightroom’s Library module. This is the tool that syncs Lightroom to your Google Drive account. The PhotoVia Publish Service works like most other Publish Services, except PhotoVia has the ability to monitor your catalog and automatically trigger publishing in the background when there are new changes that need to sync. This allows the PhotoVia App to continuously stay in sync with Lightroom. You can also toggle this Auto-Publish feature on and off, depending on your preferred workflow.


Google Drive Integration


PhotoVia now syncs with Google Drive for storage. In turn, you will need your own personal Google account to use the PhotoVia App and our Lightroom Plug-in. If you do not have a Google account, it is free to create and you can do so here. Once you’ve used our new Lightroom Plug-in to sync photos to your Google Drive account and PhotoVia, you will be able to access these photos directly from your Google Drive account (and also in the PhotoVia iOS App).


Google Drive Storage


Google gives users 15GBs of free storage per account. For most users, this is enough to store about 30,000 photos. If you need more storage, you will need to upgrade your Google Drive account through Google. Their pricing is affordable, and $1.99 per month gets you 100GBs. If you need more storage, upgrade your Google plan here.



What quality are the photos synced to Google Drive? 


PhotoVia exports JPEGs of your original photos that are 2048px on the long edge of the photo. These photos are 240 PPI and they use correct color profiles. This is twice the resolution that our previous version of PhotoVia synced. At this time, there is no way to increase quality beyond this resolution.






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