How long will it take to upload my entire Lightroom catalog?

This depends on your account. When we are publishing to the PhotoVia App, we are uploading JPEG images. This happens relatively quickly.


For instance, 2,000 images are usually uploaded in about an hour. For a 20,000 image catalog with a standard Internet connection, it will take about 8 hours to publish all of your photos.


PhotoVia does not throttle your upload speeds like other providers. So in most cases we are relatively quick. For most customers, once we have completed the initial upload, subsequent photo shoots should upload very quickly.


Here are a few tips to get your photos uploaded to PhotoVia more quickly:


1) Make sure your computer does not go to sleep at night. If PhotoVia can upload all night long we will obviously complete the upload more quickly. 


2) Make sure an external hard drives are plugged in. PhotoVia will not publish photos that are offline.

3) Make sure you leave Lightroom open. Lightroom must be open to publish your photos.









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