How do I get the changes I made in Lightroom to show in the PhotoVia App?

After you make a change in Lightroom, the PhotoVia Plug-in will pick up the new changes and publish the changes to Google Drive and the PhotoVia iOS App. This usually happens in a 2 minute cycle.


After this two minute cycle, return to the PhotoVia iOS App Grid View. If the changes have made their way to the app, you will see a “Changes detected” notification. Clicking this notification will refresh the app and display your changes.


You can also “Pull to refresh” by tapping and holding an image and then pull in a downwards motion. When you have done this you should see a spinning circular wheel. Once you have pulled, the spinning wheel will disappear and the new changes will be visible. This pull to refresh also performs the same function that the “Refresh” button in the app’s settings performs.





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