How to do I push my changes from the PhotoVia iOS App to Lightroom?

When you make a change in the PhotoVia iOS App, these changes are automatically pushed back to Lightroom. 


Usually you will need to stop working in PhotoVia for about 30 seconds. When this is done the PhotoVia App will automatically push these changes to Lightroom. 


If you have Lightroom open, it can take up to 2 minutes for the changes to appear in Lightroom. You do not need to have Lightroom open for PhotoVia to work. If Lightroom is closed, then the next time you open Lightroom the changes you have made on the PhotoVia app will appear within 2 minutes. 



The first time you synchronize PhotoVia, it may take a couple minutes. This is because we are making a copy of all of your Lightroom data that is synchronized to PhotoVia. Subsequent pushes and pulls to / from PhotoVia desktop to PhotoVia App are much quicker as we are only synchronizing the differences that have been changed. 




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