How do I see my Lightroom Folders and Collections in the PhotoVia App?

If you press the PhotoVia logo icon in the top left of the App, you will get to the the area of the App that displays your Lightroom folders and collections.


At the top of the section we will list your Folders. This mirrors Lightroom, so you if you add a folder to Lightroom, we will add it to PhotoVia. We display the "parent" folder and you can navigate down to the "child" folders. By tapping on the arrow on the right, you will navigate to the folders contained in that folder. By clicking on the name of the folder, you will be taken to all of the photos in that folder and all sub-folders.


Below the Folders section, you will see a section called Catalogs. We then list the Lightroom catalogs that you have synchronized to PhotoVia. (You can sync multiple Lightroom catalogs to PhotoVia.) If you click on the right arrow next to the name of your Lightroom catalog, you will see all of your Lightroom Collections.




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