What do Account, Database, Photo Cache and Support mean on the Settings tab?

Account: Under the Account section is the email address that you’ve used to authorize the PhotoVia. Expanding this section will allow you to sign out of the app.


Database: Under the Database section you have two options: Refresh and Reset Database.


Selecting Refresh will perform the same function as “Pulling to refresh.” This refreshes the app with any new updates.


Selecting Reset Database will delete the metadata information that is stored on your device (file names, folder and collection structure, EXIF data, etc) and then pull down fresh metadata information from our servers. This setting can be used if you’ve changed metadata in Lightroom and it did not sync to the PhotoVia App.


Photo Cache: When you browse images in the PhotoVia App, PhotoVia will cache the photos and store them temporarily on your device. This will allow you to browse these photos again offline, or when you do not have access to the internet. Selecting “Reset” under “Photo Cache” will delete the cached photo data. You will then need internet access to browse all photos again.


Support: Under the Support section you have two options: Message Center and Help Desk.


Selecting Message Center will allow you to send our support technicians a brief message. This is intended to be a mechanism for us to collect user feedback. We want to hear how the app is working for you and what else you would like to see in the app (or on the PhotoVia Plug-in side).


Selecting Help Desk will open a web browser and take you to our website’s customer support section. For more detailed questions, feedback or issues, please open a support ticket and one of our representatives will assist you within 48 hours.


If You Like PhotoVia: Selecting Tell Your Friends will open a dialogue that allows you to send a text message, email, tweet, and Facebook post with a pre-written message about PhotoVia.

 We are a team of passionate photographers here at PhotoVia (we also have some great engineers and business folks), and sharing PhotoVia with your photography friends is the best form of appreciation we could ask for. Thank you sincerely for sharing PhotoVia! 





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