Creating a Duplicate Layer — working with ON1 Photo 10 Photoshop plugins

When launching the ON1 Plugins from the Filters Menu in Adobe Photoshop, your edits in the ON1 plugin will be applied to the layer that is selected prior to launching the plugin. 

If you are launching from the Filters menu in Adobe Photoshop and want your edits to be applied to a new layer, you will need to duplicate the layer in Adobe Photoshop prior to launching the plugin. Simply right click on the Layer > Duplicate Layer. Then launch the ON1 plugin.

Also you can use command+j on Mac or Ctrl+j on Windows to create a duplicate Layer. 


We have added a preference within the Photo 10.1 update that automatically creates a new layer when launching the plugin from Adobe Photoshop.

However, this preference only applies when launching the plugin from the File > Automate Menu in Adobe Photoshop. Changing this preference will have no effect when launching the plugin from the Filters Menu in Adobe Photoshop.

Please refer to the screen shot from the Photo to Preferences below: 


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