ON1 Photo 10 Apple Photos Extension

How to add the ON1 Photo 10 extension to Apple Photos

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The Apple Photos Extension is only available on Macs running El Capitan 10.11.xx or above. 

1. Select an image in Apple Photos and choose EDIT.

2. Once you have selected EDIT, your screen will change and you will be given an options bar on the right side.  Please click on the EXTENSIONS option.

3. Extensions appear as below when clicked, choose MORE.

4. A window will open and appear as below if you have the latest 10.1 version installed.


5. Click the boxes for each App extension so that they are “check marked” as below.


6. Close the window when they are selected as above by clicking the RED X at the top left.

7. When you are back at your image in the Edit area of Apple Photos, clicking on EXTENSIONS should now give you the following ON1 extensions.

  Please note Resize, Layers and Browse are not extensions to the Apple Photos Application. If you would like to use these modules of the Photo 10, you will need to run the Photo 10 as a standalone application.

** If you do not see the extensions listed, please reinstall ON1 Photo 10 from the download links below:

ON1 Photo 10 Download for Mac OS X

ON1 Photo 10 Download for Windows



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