My Older Products Are Not Showing in My User Account Online.

This only pertains to products before the Suite 9 family was released in 2014.  As of Fall 2014, ON1, Inc. is pleased to present online User Accounts for customers to manage and view their products and licenses. 

You are able to download your products, deactivate your software, and if you are an ON1 Plus member, this is where you will access all of your coaching and extra training videos.  To learn more about ON1 Plus, please go here

Older products released before Suite 9 will not be in a customer's online User Account, however, as these products are outdated and not compatible with newer machines or newer versions of Photoshop and Lightroom.  We still have a record of your purchase and licensing information for your previous purchases on file on our end.  They will not appear on the customer-facing end though due to restrictions with the licensing system that these products utilized (if you own newer and older products, you might notice the serial/license number is different- this is essentially why these products are not in a "user account" to manage).  As mentioned though, we do have everything on file for older products on our end.  All new purchases should appear in a User Account.

** NOTE: If you are only an owner of an older product (Suite 9 and earlier), please visit this page

For more help, please contact our customer support team here

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