How to install ON1 Inspiration presets and where to find them.

We will be sending out each .ONPreset created in our ON1 Inspiration series each week. For this example we will be using "Liz's Horse Preset". The process to installing these presets are as follows: 

1. Download the .ONPreset file. 

2. Drag and drop the .ONPreset file on the Photo 10 application icon. You can also right click on the .ONPreset file > Open With > ON1 Photo 10. 

3. The Photo 10 will launch, and a window will appear asking if you would like to install the preset. Click Yes. 

4. Another dialog box will appear saying that the preset has been installed. Click close. 

The presets that we are sending out as part of our ON1 Inspiration Series will appear in the Effects module under the Presets Tab. Each preset that is created in an episode of ON1 Inspiration will automatically install into "ON1 Inspiration" Category inside the Effects module:



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