How to access Borders you have installed thru the ON1 Extras Manager

This article will show you how to access the PhotoFrame Classic Borders that were sent out to install into the Photo 10.5. 

To get started, please open an image in the Photo 10.5 and go to the Layers module. Once you are in the Layers module, please click on the Extras Tab near the top left hand corner of the program as shown below:

Next, double click on the My Extras Folder as shown in the screen shot above. 

Next, double click on the Borders Folder. You now see all of the Borders that you have installed. In this case we have only installed the "Brush Frames" Folder, so we are only showing "Brush Frames" in the screen shot below. Please note, your machine may look slightly different than the screen shot below if you have installed many borders. 

Next, double click on the Borders Folder and then double click on the frame that you would like to add to your image. In the dialog box that appears, please check the "Add as a Layer" Box. This will add your frame as a new layer to the image you are already working on:


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