How to manually install the PhotoFrame Classic Borders into the Photo 10.5

Below are the instructions on how to manually install the Classic Photo Frame Borders into the Photo 10.5. Please make sure to follow the steps below carefully. You do not need a Dropbox account to download and install the Frames.

To get started please click here to access the Frames. 

After clicking on the link above, you will be taken to a webpage that looks like this:

This page lists all of the categories of frames that were included in the Classic PhotoFrame borders to be installed into the Photo 10.5. Please note, you WILL NOT be able to click the DOWNLOAD button on this page to download all of the frames. The download is too large for Dropbox to handle to be downloaded in one go.

Please click on the folder of the frames that you want to install manually. This will bring you to a new page that lists all of the frames in the containing folder. Please note, the thumbnail previews for each frame may not generate on this page. However, this does not matter since you will click on the Blue Download button in the upper right hand corner to download this entire folder. Here is a screen shot:


In this example, we are downloading the Frames for "Brush Frames". Once you have downloaded the folder that you want to install you will see that the folder you downloaded contains individual .png files:

Once you have the Frames downloaded, you are now ready to install them into the Photo 10 thru the ON1 Extras Manager. Please open the Photo 10.5 and go to File > Manage Extras as shown in the screenshot below:

This will bring up the Extras Manager. Click on the Borders Category and then click on the Import button in the lower left hand corner of the Extras Manager Window (please note, your Extras Manager may look different than below if you have already installed some borders):

After clicking on the Import button a Finder Window (or File Explorer Window) will appear. You will need to navigate to the Brush Frames folder that you downloaded earlier and select all of the .PNG frame files. Once you have selected all of the files, click open:

After clicking open you will be prompted to choose a Category to import to. In this case, we want to add a new category and name it "Brush Frames" since Brush Frames is the name of the frames we are installing in this example:

After choosing "Add a Category", please be sure to name the Category correctly for the set of frames that you are installing. In this case we have named the category "Brush Frames":

Click OK to name the Category, and OK again to finish the process of installing:

You are all done! This is how you to manually install files thru the ON1 Extras Manager. 

Please click here on how to find the frames you have installed inside the Layers Module of the Photo 10.5. 


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