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The most common mistake is attempting to submit a photo that is too large. To fix this problem, please go back and resave the photo as a JPEG at 2000 px on the long edge, quality level 60. This will compress the file and allow you to upload successfully.

1. Open ON1 Photo RAW and navigate to the photo you wish to export.

2. After you Select the photo click on the Export (File > Export).


3. At the top of the Export/Resize click + icon and select Photo Size.


4. In the Photo Size Pane under Resize to drop down select Long Edge.


5. Click in the field and type in 2000 (make sure pixels is the variable)


6. Under File Type Pane Select JPEG and use quality 60. 

7. In the Location pane choose a destination to save the file. We recommend you choose the Folder option and select your Desktop. This will make it easy to find the photo, but you can export to any location you wish.

8. File Names: In this pane, we recommend you give the file a unique name, a name no one else would use. In the event two photos were uploaded to Gallery with the same file name, there is a chance one of them may get overwritten. 


9. Save the Preset and give a name so you can use again the next time you want to upload (optional).

10. Click Export button. 




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