ON1 Photo RAW Activation Error (-4) (-7) (-8) or (-11)


To activate the new ON1 Photo RAW, you will need to sign in with the same email that you used to purchase on our website. Your password is the same password that you use to login to your User Account on our website. You will not receive a license number or a password for the new ON1 Photo RAW

If you do not remember your password for your User Account, you will be able to reset your password on the login page here

Please make sure you do not have any typos in your email address or password field while attempting to sign in or request a password reset. If your internet browser is autofilling your email address into the field, please make sure it is the correct email and is spelled correctly. Internet browsers will remember previously used email addresses (even if they include a typo!)


How to fix ON1 Photo Sign in problems:

The (-11) error message indicates you are entering an email address that is not in our system. To fix this error, please make sure you are signing in with the same email address that you used to make the purchase

Password incorrect (-7) error

This error message indicates you are using a valid email address that is in our system, but you are not entering the password correctly


To fix this error message, you will need to enter the correct password or reset your password. You will be able to reset your password by using the Forgot My Password function on the login page on our website. Please click here to reset your password. 

 Once you have reset your password, you will be able to sign in to activate your copy of ON1 Photo RAW. 



Product not Found (-4) error

This error message means you are signing into a valid account that is in our system, but the Photo RAW is not attached to this email. This means you have not purchased the Photo RAW, or you have purchased using a different email address than the one you are signing in under. If you have purchased products from us under multiple email addresses, please make sure you sign in with the email address you used to purchase the Photo RAW.


 License has expired (-8) error:

The (-8) error message indicates your trial period for the ON1 Photo RAW has expired and it is asking you to sign into an account to activate the program. You WILL NOT need to click the "Renew License" option to fix this error. Simply enter your email address that you used to purchase and your password and click the blue "Sign In" button. 



"MAX ACTIVATIONS EXCEEDED: Please contact ON1 to purchase more activations for this product. (-8)


You no longer need to contact support to reset your activations. This is a new feature with ON1 Photo RAW. You will be able to reset your activations from within your user account. Click here for the step by step instructions.


For instructions on how to deactivate and reset all seats for your ON1 Photo RAW activations, please click here.


For instructions on how to offline activate the ON1 Photo RAW, please click here




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