Offline Activation for ON1 Photo RAW



Offline Activation Steps for ON1 Photo RAW:

To activate the ON1 Photo RAW on a machine that is not connected to the internet, you will need to first login to your user account on a machine that is connected to the internet. You will be able to login here


Once you have logged into your account, please click on your username on the top right corner of the page and then click "Products":


Navigate to the ON1 Photo RAW within the "Products" section of your User Account. Click on the ON1 Photo RAW Product:

This will bring you to the ON1 Photo RAW Account page where you can see the number of activations, reset your activations or request your Offline Request Code. Click the Offline Request Code option:


Next, your username and password will appear in the field below, then click "Get Offline Activation Code":

This will generate the Offline Request Code. You will need to copy this code to a text document and save it to a USB flash drive. 

Once you have copied this code to a text file, saved the file to a flash drive and connected the flash drive to your machine that is not connected to the internet you will be able to activate the ON1 Photo RAW. To activate the ON1 Photo RAW with your offline request code, please launch ON1 Photo RAW and click "No Internet Connection":

Copy and paste your Offline Activation code into the field shown below and click "Sign In":



For instructions on how to Deactivate the ON1 Photo RAW, please click here

If you are receiving an error message during the ON1 Photo RAW sign in/activation process please click here







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