ON1 Photo RAW 2017 - FAQs


Q: What is my license number?

A: There are no license numbers for ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). To activate the program, all you will need to do is sign into your account when you launch the program. However, please note, you will only be able to login to activate the Photo RAW 2017 if the program has been added to your account. The Photo Raw 2017 will only appear in your account if you are an active ON1 Plus Pro member, or if you have purchased the program. Please click here for instructions on how to activate. To login to your User Account or to reset your password please click here


Q: How do I activate ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? I have forgotten my account username and password? What is my account?

A: If you own ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW), you will be able to sign in and activate with the same email address you used to make the purchase. If you have forgotten your password or are unsure where to login to your account, you can login here


Q: Why do I receive an error message when I try to sign in to activate ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? 

A: If you are receiving an error message when you try to sign in, or are not sure how to activate the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) please click here


Q: Where can I download the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) Master Courses?

A: Please click here


Q: Can I activate ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) on a machine that does not have an internet connection? 

A: Yes, full instructions are available here


Q: Can I install the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) on a different drive other than the C: Drive? 

A: Unfortunately not. Our programs need to be installed on the same drive as the operating system. You will not be able to install on any other drive. 


Q: How many machines can I install the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) on? 

A: Under our license agreement, you will be able to install and activate on 5 machines (Mac or Windows). To reset all activations please click here


Q: My computer crashed and I am unable to deactivate on that machine. Do I need to contact ON1 to reset my activations?

A: No. This is a brand new feature with ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). You will be able to reset all activations for ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) from inside your User Account on our website (even if you no longer have access to the machines the program was activated on). You will not need to contact support to reset your activations. Full instructions can be found here


Q: Will ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) run on my machine? Is my graphics card or system compatible? 

A: Please click here for the full system requirements needed to run ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). 


Q: What is Open GL 3.3? How do I know if my graphics card is Open GL 3.3 compatible? 

A: You will need to check the manufacturers website to see if your GPU supports Open GL 3.3 or above. If your machine/GPU is less than 4 years old it most likely supports Open GL 3.3 and may simply need a driver update from the manufacturers website. Here are the links to AMD and the NVIDIA websites where you can automatically detect and update to the most current driver. 


Q: Is my camera model supported in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? 

A: Please click here for the complete list of supported files and camera models in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). 


Q: Will ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) work with my DNG files? 

A: Yes. However, ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) is not compatible with Panoramic or HDR DNG files. Please click here for the list of supported files. 


Q: Will ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) run as a plugin to Aperture?

A: No, we are are dropping support for the Aperture plugin since this program has been discounted by Apple. However, you will be able to run ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) as a standalone. 


Q: Will ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) run as a plugin to my Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop? 

A: Yes. Please click here for the list of compatible host applications. 


Q: Is the new ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) compatible with Adobe Photoshop Cs5?

A: Unfortunately ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) will not plugin to Cs5. The plugins will install into Photoshop Cs6 and all versions os Photoshop CC. However, you will be able to run ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) as a standalone application alongside Photoshop Cs5. 


Q: What features are not included in the full version of ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? What issues were fixed during the pre-release? When will new features be added? 

A: Please see our full release notes here


Q: What happened to my presets and extras? Where do I find my presets in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)?

A: Your presets and extras will not migrate over to ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) when you install the full version on the same machine as legacy versions. Please click here for the installation instructions. 


Q: How do I launch the plugin from Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom? 

A: The ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) plugins will appear in the same location as our legacy products. You will be able to launch the plugin from Adobe Photoshop by going to File > Automate and from Lightroom by going to File > Plugin Extras


Q: I do not shoot in raw. Is ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) still useful to me? 

A: Yes. We have made improvements to the filters and sliders in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). All adjustments will occur in real time and you will have more control over the color, tone, shadows and highlight sliders compared to our previous versions. 


Q: I want to move away from Lightroom and use ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) as my primary editor and organizer. Where is the Lightroom migration feature?

A. The Lightroom migration tool is not included in the pre-release version. This feature and many others will be added to the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) in future updates. For more information on the pre-release version please click here


Q: Will my Nik Collection plugin to ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? How do I launch the Nik plugins?

A: You will be able to send an image from the Browse module of ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) to any photo editing application on your machine (including the Nik Collection). To do this, simply right-click on an image in Browse and choose "Send to other Application". This feature functions the same way as the Photo 10.5. 


Q: I have edited an image in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW), but I am not seeing the edits when viewing the file on my hard drive or from another application. What happened to my edits? 

A: We have added full non-destructive editing capabilities to ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). When you are running the Photo RAW as a standalone application, all edits you make within ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) will be saved to the sidecar file.  However, just like any other photo editing program that utilizes sidecar files, the edits you have made within ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) and saved to the sidecar file will only be visible when viewing the image within the ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) application. You will always have the ability to export the file and save it to your HD. This will create a new file with the edits you have made in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) baked into the new file. 


Q: Will my Photo 10.5 (or legacy versions) plugin or integrate with ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? 

A: No. ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) is a completely separate installer. This will not integrate with your previous ON1 programs on your machine, however, you will be able to run ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) and your legacy versions on the same machine as ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). 


Q: Will PhotoFrame work with ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)? 

A: No. PhotoFrame is a legacy version that has been discontinued and is no longer supported. PhotoFrame will not integrate with ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) in any way. However, we have added a number of the most popular borders and frames into ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). These borders and frames are included in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) install. 


Q: Where is the Portrait module? How do I edit my Portrait images in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)?

A:  The Portrait module has been discontinued with the release of ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). The functionality of this module has been merged into the Effects module of ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). However, you are not losing anything by upgrading to ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). You will still be able to edit your portrait images, apply skin smoothing and refine the eyes and mouth inside the Effects module. Please click here for a video on how to retouch your portraits in ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). 


 Q: What happens to my presets? Will all of my presets transfer over to ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW)?

A: All of your presets from legacy versions of ON1 Effects will migrate into the Effects module of ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). Presets from Enhance or Portrait will not migrate over to ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW) since these modules have been discontinued with the release of ON1 Photo 2017 (Photo RAW). 


Q: Can I create a virtual copy inside the Photo RAW 2017 like I can in Lightroom?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a way of creating a virtual copy similar to Lightroom. The Photo RAW does not catalog your images like Lightroom or other programs. This saves time during your workflow to eliminate the need for the program to import your images to a catalog. However, programs that utilize catalogs will be able to utilize the use of virtual copies. This is a feature request that we may add to future versions of the program. To learn more about new feature request and the Photo RAW 2017, please see our Photo RAW Project Page




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