How to reset/troubleshoot Photo Via (ON1 Mobile) - ON1 Photo RAW

If you are having trouble publishing images to the Photo Via mobile App or not seeing your images in the app after you have published them. We recommend resetting Photo Via. 

First, please launch ON1 Photo RAW and open the ON1 Preferences > Photo Via:

If you are on a PC, go to Edit > Preferences

Please click the "Reset Photo Via" button. The following message will appear:

Click the "Reset" button. 

If you would like the reset process to sign you out of the cloud storage account you were previously logged in as, please uncheck the top box prior to clicking "Reset". 

If you do not want to republish your Albums and Favorites after the reset, please uncheck the bottom box prior to clicking the "Reset" button. 

After completing these steps, click "OK" to go back to the Browse module. 


Next, please launch the Photo Via mobile app on your device and tap on the settings button:

Next, tap the "Reset Database" button:

This will complete the reset of Photo Via and you will be able to republish images to the Photo Via App within the Browse module of Photo RAW 2017. Please click here for instructions on how to publish to Photo Via from the Photo RAW 2017. 




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