Use Luminosity Masks to Enhance Color & Tone – ON1 Photo RAW 2018

From ON1 Guru James Brandon:

Luminosity Masks are a staple in my workflow for my landscape and travel edits. My favorite, is using luminosity masks on images that have intriguing textures and patterns such as this one from Death Valley National Park. The ease of separating the tones of an image with luminosity masks can save us a lot of time. Especially on images like this where the tones are very similar and the different patterns would make it difficult to use a masking brush for adding Contrast, Dynamic Range, and other filters in ON1 Effects. Luminosity masks give us more control to create something beautiful with our photos.

ON1 Plus Members, you can view the complete start-to-finish video here. Included in the complete start-to-finish workflow is the practice file and video download.



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ON1 Short Clip – Use Luminosity Masks to Enhance Color & Tone


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