ON1 Inspiration – Gray Skies Can Be Great Skies

ON1 Inspiration – Gray Skies Can Be Great Skies

Hi everyone!

It is great to be back for another dose of ON1 Inspiration. The photo I’m sharing with you today comes from a situation I think most landscape photographers are familiar with. I was traveling, and had just a few days to spend in each location I visited. One of my stops was Kushimoto, Japan. I wanted to capture a glorious sunrise over the Hashigui rocks.

Mother Nature had, well, different plans. She served up gray, overcast skies and a fair amount of rain, too. Needless to say, I did not capture the epic sunrise I had envisioned.

On my final day in town, I was handed a light rain. Nevertheless, I went out with the camera. And I’m so glad I did! Although the skies didn’t light up, the rain faded. The endless gray mass of clouds began to break up. Interesting patterns and layers appeared. It was not the scene I’d envisioned, yet it was beautiful in its own way.

Please join me in this ON1 Inspiration video as I use ON1 Photo RAW to create a fine art black & white photo in Develop & Effects. I think the transformation of this photo is quite dramatic. I also think it’s proof that sometimes gray skies can be great skies.

-Scott Davenport

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