ON1 Workflow – Editing Travel Photos in ON1 Photo RAW 2017

Hi everyone,

Grab a coffee and a comfortable seat for this ON1 Workflow video. Earlier this summer I visited Japan and was able to photograph Seiganto-ji, an impressive temple and pagoda with Nachi Falls pouring through the lush forest. It’s a classic photo, and one that was on my “photo bucket list” – until now!

Join me for a start-to-finish processing session entirely in Photo RAW. We’ll start with retouching and basic adjustments in Develop, move on to color and atmosphere leverage many filters in Effects, and finish up with a sequence of Local Adjustments. Some adjustments drastically change the photo while others are series of subtle changes that build up to a final look.

It’s a long video, yet I think you’ll find it’s worth your time.

Thanks for watching!

-Scott Davenport


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