Creatively Directing the Viewers Attention – ON1 Photo RAW 2017

ON1 Short Clip – Creatively Directing the Viewers Attention

"As photographers, it is our job to direct the viewer’s eye to the place we want them to experience in the photo. Some would think that composition alone is the best way to do that, however, there are creative ways as well.

You may have used a vignette to direct traffic in the past. It is a great way to narrow the focus and attention of your viewer, but have you ever considered a less direct approach?

In this tutorial, I will show you how I use the Masking Bug on various Effects Layers to direct the viewer. I will show you how to use the Sunshine Effect to make a “flashlight” of sorts. Then I will show you the inverse effect using the Bleach Bypass.

I do not expect you to remember all of these steps, so I have created a series of Spotlight Presets for you. However, I would also encourage you to experiment with some of your favorite effects to see how you can direct your viewer’s attention creatively!

Download my Spotlight Presets."

- Blake Rudis


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