ON1 Effects 2018.5 Installation Instructions

Please refer to the installation instructions below on how to install ON1 Effects 2018 on Mac and Windows. Prior to installing the program on your machine, please make sure your machine meets the minimum requirements listed here. Please follow the instructions in this article if you are installing on a Mac or PC or if you are not sure how to sign in and activate the program or begin your free 30 Day Trial. 

Installation Instructions for ON1 Effects 2018:

To download the latest version of ON1 Effects 2018.5.3, please click on the link below the download will automatically begin and be saved to your Downloads folder:


Please wait for the download to complete before launching the installer.


How to Install on Mac OS:

1. Download the ON1 Effects 2018 installer. The installer will begin downloading automatically and will be saved to your Downloads Folder. 


2. When the installer has finished downloading, navigate to your Downloads Folder and double click on the "ON1_Effects _2018.dmg" file to open the installer:


3. Next, double click on the "ON1_Effects_2018.pkg" to launch the installer:


4. Follow the instructions within the ON1 Effects 2018 Installer window to complete the install: 



How to Install on Windows:

1. Click on the download link to download the "ON1_Effects_2018.exe" file. If asked to "Run" or "Save" prior to starting the download, please click the "Save" button. This will begin the download and the installer will be saved to your Downloads Folder:



2. When the download has finished, please navigate to your Downloads folder and right click on the "ON1_Effects_2018.exe" file and choose "Run as the Administrator". 



3. When the installer window appears, simply follow the instructions to complete the installer. 




How to sign in and activate ON1 Effects 2018:

30-Day Trial of ON1 Effects
If you are using ON1 Effects in Trial mode, when launching the program do not sign in when prompted. Click the orange button to Start the Trial instead. The fully functional trial does not require activation, and it gives you 30 days of usage before it expires.


Owners of ON1 Effects
If you purchased ON1 Effects 2018 or received a licensed copy, you will be able to sign in to activate this program with your ON1 User Account email address and password used when ordering. Please note, there is no License Number associated with our current products. Signing in to activate your copy of ON1 Effects 2018 is tied to your email address and password that you use to sign into your ON1 User Account on our website. 

1. To activate ON1 Effects 2018, launch the program and click on the blue "Owners Sign In" button:


2. After clicking on the "Owners Sign In" button, simply enter the email address and password associated with your ON1 User Account into the activation dialog:



What if I don't know my ON1 User Account email and Password? 

If you received a free copy of ON1 Effects 2018, the email address that we sent the order conformation email to is the email address that you will use to login to your ON1 User Account on our website and sign in to activate the program. 

If you have forgotten your password, you will be able to reset your password on our login page on our website.

After you have reset your password, please follow the sign in/activation steps listed above. 


Receiving an error message during Sign In/Activation? 

If you are receiving an error message (-4), (-7), (-8) or (-11), when attempting to activate the program, this means the email address and/or password you have entered is incorrect. Please make sure you are using the same email address and password that you use to sign into your ON1 User Account on our website. For more information on how to fix common sign in and activation errors, please click here


Not sure you are running the latest version of ON1 Effects 2018?

Please note, after installing a free update, the program will still be listed on your machine as "ON1 Effects 2018". However, the build number ( and the new splash screen will appear on startup. If you are seeing the new splash screen (pictured below) on startup, you are running the latest version!




Still having trouble?

For more help on how to use the current ON1 programs, please refer to our Training Videos page and our User Guide


For Customer Service and Technical Support assistance, please contact our Support Team





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