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How to Enable Sidecar Files


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  • Richard R

    This is an important article, as it helps preserve existing edits if your Photo RAW had not previously been set to write .ON1 sidecar files.  

    So, to clarify a requirement, the article said "If you have edited images previously with sidecars disabled, your non-destructive changes will be migrated to a new sidecar file for your images once they are opened in Develop or Effects, or if you modify their metadata."

    In my own tests, Photo RAW will not write a new .ON1 file if I simply open the image file in Develop–I have to modify the Develop settings before Photo RAW will write that .ON1 sidecar.  However, if you want to force P.R. to do that, it's probably easier to simply modify metadata, such as by changing your Star rating.  For me, that does produce a new .ON1 file.


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