How Do I Cancel My ON1 Plus Membership?

If you wish to cancel your Plus membership follow these steps. 

Step 1. Login to using the same account or email address associated with your Plus membership.

Step 2. Go to Account > Manage Memberships:

Step 3. Click the "View" button for the membership you wish to cancel.

Step 4. Confirm you want to cancel by clicking the "Yes" button.


Your membership is now pending cancellation, you will not be billed at the end of your membership cycle.

You will retain Plus membership access for the remainder of your membership period. At the end of your membership term, you will not get billed and will then lose access to Plus content and benefits.

You will not be refunded any prior membership purchases. If you wish to request a refund of a membership payment that has already been processed please contact ON1 support:

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