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As you add cataloged folders or browse through folders of uncataloged photos inside ON1 Photo RAW 2019, any keywords you have added—to any photo—are stored in an internal database. That list of keywords is visible in the Keyword List pane, and from there, you can search for established keywords and display those photos from your cataloged folders, manage the keyword list, and apply keywords to new images.

Important Note: There is no "default" or pre-loaded keyword list in ON1 Photo RAW. Any keywords that you see in the list have been added to a photo in your collection by someone at some point in time. (Some keywords you may not even be aware of.) 



If you double-click on a keyword in the list, Photo RAW will search your cataloged folders for that keyword, and display the results in the Preview window. In this search, Photo RAW is actually performing a search in the Filters pane, so you can refine your search there, if you wish to add additional filter criteria. (If you would like to search the current folder, uncheck the Search Cataloged Folders option in the Filters pane.)


You can also assign keywords to an image (or group of images) selected in any of Browse’s views. Simply click on the circle to the left of a keyword, and Photo RAW will apply that keyword to the currently selected image or images.

Click on the circle to the left of the keyword to add it to your photo(s)


Right-clicking on a keyword gives you a pop-up menu with a complete list of options you can perform with the chosen keyword:

(After right-clicking without a picture selected)

(After right-clicking with a picture selected)

• Assign Keyword to Selected Photos: adds that keyword to the current selection.

• Remove Keyword from Selected Photos: removes that keyword from the selection

• Edit Keyword: lets you rename the selected keyword, and applies the new keyword to all of the cataloged and known photos that used it. This option is helpful for those times when you’ve accidentally misspelled a keyword, or you’ve chosen a more descriptive keyword and want to apply that keyword instead.

• Delete Keyword: Removes that keyword from the cataloged and known photos that use it. 

• Find Cataloged Photos with Keyword: Displays (in grid view) all of the photos in your cataloged folders that use the selected keyword.


Editing Keywords

When editing keywords, you can either change the name of your keyword or combine that keyword with a second keyword in the list.

For example, in my keyword list, I have both Bloom and Blooming. Changing "blooming" in the screenshot below to any keyword that is not already listed will modify that current keyword for any photos that have been assigned that particular keyword*.

Changing "blooming" to "bloom", which is an existing keyword in the list, will combine the two keywords. Photos that have already been assigned the "bloom" keyword will remain the same. Photos that were assigned the "blooming" keyword will now be assigned the existing "bloom" keyword*. 

*If you do not have these keywords assigned to any photos, only the names of the keywords will be affected.






Because the list of keywords can be extremely long, you can use the pane’s search field to look for keywords: as you start to type in the field, Photo RAW will display a list of keywords that contain the letters you’ve typed. Once you’ve narrowed your search, you can choose an item from the list.



Please go to the ON1 Learning Center to view more training videos.

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