Mac OS Mojave 10.14: Security and Privacy Updates

Apple has recently released a new version of their operating system: MacOS Mojave 10.14. All current and future versions of the ON1 applications are supported to run on the latest OS Mojave 10.14.

However, after upgrading your Mac OS, we recommend reinstalling your photo editing applications (including ON1). This is recommended after any major OS update. You will not need to uninstall, simply download and install on top of what you already have. 

Also, Apple has updated their Security and Privacy settings in the latest Mojave OS. You may see new messages from your Apple OS asking you to give permission for certain applications. While these messages may look like they are from our application (or another on your machine), these are actually from the Apple OS. This is completely normal, and you will need to click "allow" to ensure these applications are able to run properly. After clicking to "allow", these Apple OS security and privacy dialogs will not come up again. You will only need to give these apps permission after using them for the first time after completing the Mojave OS update. Here is an example of one of the new Mac OS Security and Privacy messages: 


Our app may also appear in the Photos, Accessibility, Calendar and Automation Tabs. You will want to Allow access for full functionality.


For more information on the Security and Privacy changes in the latest Mac OS Mojave update, please refer to the following articles on Apple's website:

macOS Mojave Homepage

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