How to access My Extras and ON1 Extras Folders - ON1 Photo RAW 2019

We have made some user interface changes in the new On1 Photo Raw 2019, the "ON1 Extras" and "My Extras" are still in the program. Just like our previous versions, all of your extras will migrate to the new Photo Raw 2019 during installation.

 In order to access the "ON1 Extras" and "My Extras" folders, first you will need to open an image in the "Edit" mode and click on the "Add Layer" button shown in the screenshot below: 


After clicking on the "Add Layer" button, you will see the message below. Simply click on "Add Layer":


After clicking the "All Layer" button, the Extras Dialog will appear. This will open to the last used folder. In the screenshot below, you can select another images within this folder, browse to a new folder on your HD or click on the "Extras" Tab (shown below):


After clicking on the "Extras" Tab, you should see the "ON1 Extras" and the "My Extras" Folders. All of the same default extras are included in the ON1 Extras Folder and any previously installed extras will appear in the "My Extras" Folder:




Still having trouble? 

If you are still having trouble, we highly recommend checking out the free training videos on our Training Page

For detailed descriptions of the tools and features within ON1 Photo Raw 2019, please refer to our User Guide

To contact the ON1 Support Team, please click here





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