How Do I Flip a Layer or Image in ON1 Photo RAW 2019?

Flipping Layers in ON1 Photo RAW 2019

You can flip a layer either horizontally or vertically by pressing the flip buttons in the Tool Options bar. First, select the Edit module. Then, access the Transform tool from the top of the Tool well.



When the tool is selected, handles will appear on the edges of the selected layer.



The Tool Options bar appears above the image Preview area when the Transform tool is selected.

Here, you can scale, rotate, and flip your layer. 

You can choose to flip your image horizontally or vertically. Once you have selected an option, your image will change and the "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons will become available.




Original Image


Flipped Image


When you have completed your transforms you need to commit the changes. You can do this by pressing the Apply button that appears in the Tool Options bar or by pressing the Enter key. You can cancel a transform by pressing the Cancel button in the Tool Options bar or by pressing the Escape key.

Once you have selected either "Cancel" or "Apply", the buttons are no longer available and your change has been made.






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