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Using ON1 Photo RAW with Apple Photos



  • Chad Landes

    I wish I had read how uncooperative Apple photos is with ON1. I have followed the settings and can get one photo in ON1 at a time. Have not discovered how to have a group that I can compare and work with. Windows was seamless. 

  • Michael Henson

    I set all that was instructed in self help still can't seam to find my Apple Photo Drive can you help me.


  • Mark Neufeld

    Thanks - works fine for me!

  • Pete Ruksakiati

    Got Apple Photos (2.0 3161.4.140) on MacOS (10.12) to work for me, resulting in the purchase in Raw 2020.5 (

  • Jurry De Vries

    The extension worked fine with ON1 2021 but is not supported with ON1 2022. Initially I thought this to be a real drawback but in hindsight I must admit it is actually not so bad at all. Even better, I’m now quit content with it. Please allow me to explain.
    When the extension was working my workflow was actually a mess. I was importing files from the camera into Apple Photos, then a second time into Dropbox (I do this so I have an automatic back up of every original photo sorted by date and time taken) and then I imported again to an external drive using ON1.
    Subsequently I edited some with Apple some with ON1, which inevitably led to maintaining 3 different main libraries. Which turned my 15K photos into 45K. Add to it all sidecars etc and you can understand it was a mess.

    ON1 2022 more or less forced me to rethink. I continued using Apple as I was familiar with its library and albums structure whilst the ON1 structure had to “grow” on me. But with time passing by I got more proficient with ON1 I started to realize that ON1 library system can do so much more. Now that the Apple extension is gone I have (ON1 people will like this I guess) dumped Apple photos. Kept us archive fir the older photos but I migrated every single photo from last 3 years from Apple to the ON1 library, re-indexed, re-catalogued (which toke some time) and basically converted fully to ON1.

    The Apple extension is gone but as a side effect it made me switch 100% to ON1.

    Perhaps food fir thought fir those struggling with same dilemma I had


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